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lumiana's Journal

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23 December 1985
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A little about me

Nickname : Lumiana
Age : 22
Country : France
Favourite Movie : Forrest Gump
Favourite Show : Prison Break
Favourite Book : The Great Gastby (Scott Fitzgerald)
Book I am reading now : Hamlet (Shakespeare) ♥
Favourite Hobbies : making art and watching movies ♥

A little about my loves

Cinema. Writing. Photography. Literature. Art. Foreign Countries. Solidarity. Nature. Mountains. Fresh Snow. Fish. Hippopotamus. Pastel Colours. Dresses. Beds. Rain Noise. Empty pages.

Rules and Ressources

♥ Always credit if you use my art.*
♥ Please, don't use my arts as basis.
♥ No Hotlink. Upload my art on your own server.
♥ But most important : Enjoy ! :)

♥ The resources I used can be found on my artfolio > Links > Resources

♥ Stylesheet base and profile codes by Refuted
♥ Header and customization by Lumiana

* How to credit an icon used as userpic on lj ?

Go to 'Profile' > 'Manage Userpics' and write Lumiana in the comment part of the icon as follows (mine is in french) :